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The Suzuki Has Landed


This bike was amongst a shipment of project bikes we imported from the states. 

It had come from a dry state so was in pretty good condition when it landed. All the fluids were drained before it was shipped so we added coolant, gearbox oil and some fresh fuel, made sure the airbox was clear and fired it up. it didn't look too bad but unfortunately sounded a lot worse than the condition of the rest of the bike so the strip down began

we wanted to keep this bike ourselves and try out a few new finishes and restoration techniques.

The Strip Down


the engine was removed and fully stripped. the cylinder and piston were completely shot. no wonder it sounded so bad! the powervalves were removed and the cylinder was sent for replating. 

The bottom was stripped and all bearings, studs, seals and dowls removed. 

The gearbox and clutch were in perfect working order so were cleaned a put to one side. 

The crankcases were deep cleaned and shot blasted, the magneto and clutch covers were shotblasted and sent away to be cerekote painted in stock gunmetal Suzuki colours. 

Onto the chassis,

The frame was fully stripped of all the stock paint and inspected for cracks then powdercoated in Suzuki graphite grey. 

All bearings and seals were removed from the swing arm, linkage and steering head and everything was given a full clean. The brake calipers, master cylinders and hubs were stripped and shotblasted then sent for cerekote paint. 

We decided to have these parts painted in bronze to give the bike a factory look.

Rebuilding The Engine

 When the cylinder returned from the being replated, we blueprinted the cylinder to the cases and gave the cylinder a port and polish job to make it extra crisp. 

New gearbox and main bearings were fitted along with a new genuine suzuki con rod kit and engine seals. 

A Vertex piston was fitted up top along with freshly polished powervalves. The Carburettor was sonic cleaned, polished, rejetted to suit the engine tuning work we had carried out and to suite the exhaust system we were running.

Rebuilding The Chassis


We laced black excel rims on the hubs and fitted a set of Dunlop tyres MX52 and a Renthal rear sprocket. We fitted a pair of 4mm thick Prox wavy Discs. The calipers were rebuilt with genuine Suzuki seals and new brake pads fitted. 

 The forks and shock were stripped and resealed with new Suzuki parts. 

The rebuild was shaping up just how we hoped. 

We added Rock Oil Gearbox oil and some Rock Oil Ice Kool and the bike nearly ready to run.

Finishing Touches

A set of polisport plastics were fitted anlong with Renthal handlebars, Scott grips and a Pro Taper clutch perch assy. 

New genuine throttle and clutch cables were fitted to give the bike a plush linear feel. 

A set of custom decals made by Danger UK along with a custom Boretech seat cover were fitted.  To give the bike the full factory look we wanted along with the ultimate performance package we knew we could build, we fitted a cone style expansion pipe with a shorty silencer. 

Complete And Race Ready

The Suzuki sounds and rides just as good as it looks!!

 If you would like any help or advise on any of the work we have carried out on this project bike for your own bike, please don't hesitate to ask 

Faber Triumph 500

We have recently featured a number of our modern classic rebuilds, but how about a 'new' build classic?


A customer arrived with a brand new, frame and swing-arm from Cornish specialist Faber and asked the Boretech team to custom build a Triumph special to a spec that would qualify for classic events. So, we sourced a 1968 Triumph T100 engine and the new build began.



The engine was completely stripped, cleaned and shot blasted. The crankcases were fitted with new bearings and seals and the crankshaft, cylinder head and cylinders moved to the Boretech Engineering department where the crankshaft was reground and fitted with new big end shells and con rods. The cylinders were re-bored and the cylinder head had new valve seats cut, refaced and new valves fitted. The engine was repainted and the outer cases polished in-house. Then it was all reassembled ready to fit into the Faber frame. 



As the customer only supplied the frame, swingarm and fork clamps, the Boretech engineering department made the wheel spindles, brake rod arms, engine brackets and all the spacers.   

With the rebuilt engine in the frame, a full electronic ignition system was fitted along with a new Amal 900 series Concentric carb, breathing through a Twin-Air filter housed in a custom-made Boretech air box.   


On the chassis side, new DID alloy rims were laced onto BSA style conical hubs and fitted with Michelin tyres. Betor front forks were fitted with Boretech's own valve system for improved damping, and the customer-supplied rear shocks also re-valved in-house. Boretech’s own 520 chain and sprocket kit conversion was also fitted.  

As the customer wanted to race the bike, Boretech made the control cables in-house to fit a later type throttle assembly and lever controls. This makes it much easier to replace the parts after the inevitable slip-off, but still keeps an 'Old School' look.   

The bike was then finished off with aluminium fenders, side plates and fuel tank painted in candy apple red. 

1982 RM465


Pictured here is a 1982 Suzuki RM465. 



The Suzuki was in reasonable overall condition, but the owner wanted a general service and clean-up to get it race ready and looking good without going to a total rebuild.  

A new set of piston rings was fitted, but the bore and piston were in good condition, and all of the other engine and transmission parts were also within tolerance, so a fresh measure of Rock Oil GRO high-performance transmission oil was all that was needed to keep it running sweet.   

Finishing Touches


A general race prep and detailing with new control levers and lubricated cables and brake service, plus a new set of tyres and decals topped it all off as you can see from the above picture.